About Us

Who We Are

  • Louisiana Limited Liability Company
  • Organized in 2012 to take an old idea to the future
  • Kevin Laborde – President
  • Peter Decuir – Vice President – Operations
  • John Parker – Emeritus

New But Not New

  • Solutions employed have their origins back to 1994 when utility poles were first wrapped in this fashion
  • Legacy company started wrapping poles in 2001
  • Technology has also been used on many bridges and overpasses in the state of Louisiana
  • Parker Composites’ principals and employees know the process and how to deliver

Why We Do It

  • Requested by utility company several years ago
  • Aging Grids / Networks & Infrastructure
  • Proven Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Quickly Delivered
  • Uninterrupted Service
  • Lasting Results

How We Do It

  • Stress points of existing pole/piling inventory identified by Inspection (If it is still standing, it can be repaired)
  • Wrap is applied at stress point – typically near ground level
  • Using a combination of epoxies and resins, Parker coats the pole repeatedly while wrapping it with planking and aramid fiber material
  • Once cured the end result is a solid sleeve around the pole/piling giving it rigidity and strength
  • Through the process and once completed the wrap becomes part of or one with the pole
  • Once applied it cannot be removed
  • The pole wrap is impervious to all chemicals, water and freeze/thaw cycles – Almost indestructible
  • Weather conditions make a difference in applications and we know how to compensate for changes in temperature and humidity

Clients can leverage all available resources by collaborating with us for

  • Scheduling facility closures to help minimize inconvenience.
  • Maintaining existing sources for material procurement.
  • Utilizing existing personnel and equipment on hand to save budget dollars.
  • Delivering on time project completion.